World Cup 2024

From try-outs to triumph

Unleash your inner champion.

Join the Prison Island World Cup, where teams from around the globe compete in the ultimate test of techniques, tactics, and physics. The competition will kick off with local try-outs, where the best teams will advance to the Country Finals. The winners of the Country Finals will then move on to the World Final, where they’ll face off against the best of the best from around the world. The Prison Island World Cup awaits—let the games begin!

The path to victory 2024

The 3 Stages of the Prison Island World Cup



SUMMER 24.6.-7.8.

Qualifications games on each local at your own time!

Five best performing teams from each local try-out are promoted to the country finals.



FALL 12.-20.10.

Specific time and date TBA.

Finnish Country finals are held in Vantaa Flamingo.

Two best teams from the country final are promoted to the World Finals in Malmo, Sweden.



WINTER 9.11.

World Finals in Malmo.

How to enter

Entering the Prison Island World Cup is easy!

To participate, all you need is a strong team, a competitive spirit, and a desire to win. So what are you waiting for? Make a reservation at your local Prison Island and join the race to become a champion of the Prison Island World Cup!

1. Book a time

Gather your team and make a reservation at Prison Island. You may also join without a reservation at any open time.

If you make a booking online, choose the 90 minute duration and after registration add the campaign code PIWC2024. Choose to pay the reservation on the spot, so we can take the discounted price into account.

Price for tryouts 20,00€ / person

(Normal price for 90 minute jail adventure 28,00€ / person)

2. Register at desk

Tell the staff that you want to try-out for the World Cup in Malmo 2024.

To be eligible to join:
– To be able to participate you must be over the age of 15.
– You must be 3 people in a team, not more or less.
– A team can be mixed in gender and age in any way and there is no separation in different classes. All teams compete against each other.
– All games, qualifications as well as finals have a game time of 90 minutes
– Teams and individuals are allowed to make local try-outs at any Prison Island in the world.

3. Compete

Use your 90 minutes in the cells wisely and get ready to make history!

The Prison Island staff will take notice of your score and you will be contacted at the end of the tryout period if your score entitles you to join the Country Finals in October. The top five teams from each site are invited to the country finals. If a team decides not to participate, the team with the next highest score will be invited and so forth.

You can attempt the tryouts more than once if you want to try to improve your qualifying score. You can check the current TOP 10 for tryouts on this page (updated once a week).

Two top performing teams in the Country Finals are promoted to the World Finals in Malmo.

2024 World Cup Financial Compensation

A team that is promoted to the COUNTRY FINAL and/or the WORLD FINAL can apply for financial support for the travels to the specific site where the event is held.

To get travel compensation the following apply:

  • Fill out the form that will be provided in the invitation for the Country Finals and the same applies for the World Final. OBS: Only this form will be processed. There are no other ways of seeking travel compensation.
  • Travel compensation can only be applied for after the travel is done.
  • With the exception of traveling with your own car, travel compensation can only be awarded for costs specified by receipts.
  • There is no travel compensation awarded for the LOCAL TRY-OUTS.
  • Only participating teams can apply for travel compensation. It can not be used for family and friends.
  • To be able to receive travel compensation, the forms to apply for travel compensation must be submitted at the latest 2 weeks after the competitive event. After that no travel compensation can be granted.

Financial Compensation (2023) for reference:

  • The maximum travel compensation for the Country Final is 200€ per person, covering costs related to transportation and accommodation
  • The maximum travel compensation for the World Final is 400€ per person, covering costs related to transportation and accommodation

Local Try-outs TOP 10

Rise to the top and guarantee your spot in the Country Finals in October!

Top Five teams are invited to the Country Finals in October

1st place: Töhöt 1700p
2nd place: TBD
3rd place: TBD

4th: TBD
5th: TBD

6th: TBD
7th: TBD
8th: TBD
9th: TBD
10th: TBD

Last updated on: 1.7.2024

The tryouts run from 24th June to 7th of August. The list will be updated once a week after the tryouts have begun.

Prison Island World Cup Finals – Brussels 2023